Coronavirus deaths in Spain exceed China – Channel 4 News

25 Mar 2020 Coronavirus has now claimed 16,000 lives across 195 countries – and the United Nations says individual countries can’t respond alone – calling for the world’s richest nations should provide $2 billion to help the world’s poorest survive. Coronavirus has now claimed 16,000 lives across 195 countries – and the United Nations says […]

Arrival of first coronavirus cases in Haiti sends people scrambling for supplies – National

Haitians rushed to buy food, gas, soap and face masks Friday after the announcement of two imported cases of the coronavirus sparked worries that the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation could be overwhelmed by the illness. President Jovenel Moise said Thursday that two patients had been quarantined after testing positive for the COVID-19 virus. One was […]

Biden and Sanders criticize Trump on coronavirus, tout their own crisis leadership in Democratic debate

WASHINGTON — Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders blasted President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak during a Democratic debate on Sunday, and touted their own approaches to dealing with a widening crisis that has upended the daily life of Americans. In their first one-on-one debate, the two Democratic contenders to face Trump in the […]

What happened to one Syrian family in aftermath of airstrike? – Channel 4 News

The fighting in Syria’s Idlib province has halted for now – after last week’s ceasefire agreed by Russia and Turkey.  But just hours before that truce, at least 16 civilians were killed when a Russian airstrike hit a poultry farm near the town of Maarat Misrin. Paraic O’Brien has been to Idlib province and followed […]

IMF finds decrease in Ukraine’s purchasing power

According to figures released by the International Monetary Fund, in 2019, Ukrainians had significantly less purchasing power than Russians, Belarussians, and Poles. Purchasing power parity is the rate at which the currency of one country would have to be converted into that of another country to buy the same amount of goods and services in […]

Artificial intelligence helps to discover powerful new antibiotic – Channel 4 News

We’ve all heard of superbugs – nasty bacteria which can’t be wiped out by antibiotics – well a powerful new drug that can kill some of the world’s most dangerous strains of drug resistant bacteria has been discovered using artificial intelligence. Researchers on the project, based at the Massachusetts of Technology, called it “absolutely a […]

Doctors, politicians sound alarm in Calgary over potential for coronavirus to spread in Chinese detention camps

Doctors, human rights advocates and politicians raised concerns about coronavirus on Sunday in Calgary, fearing it could quickly spread through Chinese detention camps. READ MORE: China finishes new hospital for coronavirus victims as its death toll hits 361 The coalition called on the international community to take action to save Uighurs, a Turkish minority group […]

Defense Secretary Esper says he ‘didn’t see’ evidence of an Iranian plot to attack four embassies

Top Trump administration officials struggled to defend an airstrike that killed a senior Iranian general Sunday morning, acknowledging that they could not confirm President Donald Trump’s Friday assertion that Iranians planned to attack four embassies. On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he “didn’t see” evidence of an Iranian plan to attack […]

‘The UK doesn’t need to involve itself more than necessary’, says Dr Lina Khatib on rising US-Iran tensions – Channel 4 News

5 Jan 2020 The Foreign Office has strengthened its travel advice for Iran and Iraq since the assassination of General Soleimani. The Foreign Office has strengthened its travel advice for Iran and Iraq since the assassination of General Soleimani. Only essential travel to the countries is advised. But hundreds of people are still in there. […]

Hamas allows rival Fatah to mark anniversary in Gaza rally for 1st time in 7 years – National

Tens of thousands of Palestinians took to the streets in Gaza on Wednesday to mark the 55th anniversary of President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement. The territory’s Hamas rulers permitted the event for the first time in years. The militant Islamic group Hamas, which seized control of the Gaza Strip by force from the Fatah-led Palestinian […]