‘War in the Woods, round two:’ Amid civil unrest, activists gear up for bigger battle over Trans Mountain

OTTAWA — Recent protests and blockades are only the beginning of the civil disobedience that lies ahead as Ottawa pushes ahead with the controversial Trans Mountain expansion project, claims an activist group. “I really do see this as a taste of things to come,” said Alexandra Woodsworth, campaign organizer at the British Columbia-based Dogwood Initiative. […]

A European battle for truth and justice – VoxEurop (English)

Four years after the death of the young Italian researcher, EuropaNow! asks European cities to demand that the Egyptian government explain the circumstances around his brutal murder. Four years have passed since the young researcher Giulio Regeni was abducted in Cairo, before being tortured and murdered, his body left in a ditch along a highway. […]

Is Toronto’s Airbnb battle over? Here’s what we do and don’t know about the city and landlords’ next steps

Two years after city council approved restrictions for Airbnb-style rentals, a provincial tribunal has finally cleared the way for Toronto to enforce limits on landlords using their houses and apartments to accommodate tourists rather than residents. But until the 30-day appeal period for Monday’s decision ends, it’s not certain that the new rules will necessarily […]