Attempt to block O’Devaney Gardens plan for 800 homes fails

The regeneration of O’Devaney Gardens, once one of Dublin city’s most troubled social housing estates, is to go ahead following a failed attempt to rescind a €7 million deal with developers Bartra. Last month, Dublin city councillors approved by 39 votes to 18 a plan which would see more than 800 new homes on the […]

LGBT children forced into homelessness by fear of persecution in their own homes – Channel 4 News

Imagine growing up with the threat of violence, attacks – and forced marriage. And this from your own parents. A new survey has found more than a quarter of people in the UK say they wouldn’t be proud to have an LGBT child – and shockingly more than one in ten claim they wouldn’t be […]

General Election 2019 PolicyWatch: Tories plan higher stamp duty for non-UK residents as Lib Dems promise 300,000 homes a year

The latest headlines in your inbox The Tories have pledged to increase the stamp duty rate for non-UK residents and the Lib Dems are promising to building 300,000 homes a year. Campaigning is well under way for the general election and keeping up with the latest promises, policies and pledges from the parties can be […]