America has a golden opportunity to forge a more stable Middle East

Since taking the helm a year ago, Christine Lagarde (pictured) has turned the European Central Bank’s attention to social issues like climate change and inequality, broadening its horizons but also opening it to attacks that could test its independence, write Balazs Koranyi, Francesco Canepa and Frank Siebelt. Lagarde’s efforts to use the bank’s leverage to fight […]

School meals: How many children can claim free meals?

By Reality CheckBBC News Related Topics Reality Check image copyrightGetty Images The row over extending free school meals over the school holidays has continued into its second week. The UK government has defended not extending the scheme over the half-term holiday. It says it is supporting families through extra money for universal credit and additional […]

On the Covid frontline in UK hospital’s red zone – Channel 4 News

If the first wave took hospitals by surprise, there is an air of grim inevitability about the second. As Nottingham and Warrington are put under England’s highest tier 3 restrictions, doctors and healthcare workers across the north of England are struggling to cope with rising numbers of patients, many of them seriously ill. Across the […]

Britons visiting the Canaries will soon need to take a test

Hospitals in many Iranian provinces are running out of capacity to handle Covid-19 cases, health authorities say, with coronavirus now killing around 300 people a day or one person every five minutes. Authorities have complained of poor social distancing, and Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi said the pandemic could cause 600 daily deaths in coming […]

Erdogan and Macron clash over Turkish leader’s comments on Muslims in France

Erdogan suggested Saturday that the French President needed “some sort of mental treatment” over his attitude towards Muslims in France. “What is Macron’s problem with Islam? What is his problem with Muslims?” Erdogan said, speaking at his Justice and Development Party meeting in Kayseri. Erdogan added: “Macron needs some sort of mental treatment. What else […]

Can Agroecology Feed the World? — Global Issues

Credit: KMP in the Philippines, supported by the Agroecology Fund Opinion by Elena Pasquini (rome) Friday, October 23, 2020 Inter Press Service ROME, Oct 23 (IPS) – Producing food and ensuring nutrition security, protecting the environment and restoring biodiversity, building sustainable and fair food systems: That’s the promise of agroecology. It is a dream? Or […]

‘We are now in a fourth wave of postwar far right politics’

Voxeurop: How did you become so interested in radical movements and the far-right? Cas Mudde: I grew up in the Netherlands in the 1970s/1980s and fascism and the Second World War were omnipresent in our history education and political discussions. This was amplified with the electoral breakthrough of the misnamed Centrumpartij (Center Party, CP )in 1982. […]

Trump heads for Ohio as contest with Biden hits battleground states – live | US news

Donald Trump’s long-sought after tax records, obtained by the New York Times, appear to show he may have given far less to philanthropic causes than he has claimed. According to the documents, the Times reports, Trump has given at least $130m since 2005. But the majority of that total, $119.3m, came from simply agreeing not […]