How parks have become vital for city dwellers – Channel 4 News

26 Apr 2020 We’ve been to East London’s Victoria Park to see how people are spending their daily exercise time with the necessary social distancing We’re now a month into the lockdown, with most of the country staying indoors – only venturing outside for a bit of exercise once a day, or the occasional essential […]

J’accuse! The Case for Pre-modernism, or, the Rural-urban Divide

Emile Zola’s now world-famous letter to the President of the French Republic, dated 13 January 1898, “J’Accuse!” (complete text of the letter in English translation here), set the stage for correcting a grave miscarriage of justice carried out by the French military and the secular French state against an innocent Jewish military officer, Alfred Dreyfus.  […]

Rana Foroohar – Channel 4 News

Rana Foroohar is a business columnist for the Financial Times, analyst for CNN and author. Her most recent book, ‘Don’t Be Evil: The Case Against Big Tech’, addresses the question, how did the tech industry get to dominate our world so completely? Rana talks to Krishnan about the darker side of digital technology, why tech […]