Wooden toy boat washes ashore on Lake Superior after 27 years adrift

Article content On Oct. 7, a small wooden boat drifted ashore on Lake Superior, leaving locals with a puzzling mystery. The Apostle Islands National Seashore in Wisconsin, a U.S. National Parks service, said the red, white, and blue boat was found with a message inscribed on its hull. “I am traveling to the ocean. Please […]

Rohingya refugees die after boat capsizes off Bangladesh | News

At least 15 Rohingya refugees have died and dozens more are unaccounted for after their overcrowded wooden boat heading for Malaysia sank off the coast of southern Bangladesh, officials have said.  Some 130 people – mainly women and children – were packed on the fishing trawler that was trying to get across the Bay of Bengal […]

The heroic past of New Zealand volcano guide who saved a child from drowning in a boat fire

White Island tour guide killed by volcano eruption was a HERO who had saved an autistic child, 11, from drowning after their boat spectacularly burst into flames White Island tour guide Hayden Marshall-Inman died during Monday’s eruption His final footsteps reportedly showed he went back to save tourists Now more examples of his heroism have […]