New York group trying to turn experiences of imprisonment into something positive – Channel 4 News

The American dream has become the African American nightmare. The words of one of the founders of a grassroots group called Holla – who are trying to turn their experiences of imprisonment into something positive. Instead of anger against a system they say is rife with racism and class prejudice – they want to start […]

UK applauds key workers in final Clap for Carers – Channel 4 News

Tonight marks the final clap for carers – the community moment thanking key workers started ten weeks ago, and now with lockdown rules easing, it’s coming to an end. But as we stop applauding our carers nationally each week – these healthcare workers are making a silent protest outside Downing Street – to honour their […]

Mainz vs RB Leipzig LIVE stream: Bundesliga prediction, TV channel, date, how to watch, date, odds

RB Leipzig will look to bounce back this weekend after a slip-up on the return of the Bundesliga last Saturday. Julian Nagelsmann’s side are now seven points adrift of league leaders Bayern Munich after being held to a 1-1 draw at home to Freiburg. But with the reigning champions and Borussia Dortmund meeting mid-week, there […]

Drive, cycle or walk to work if possible, says UK government – Channel 4 News

The Government is pushing ahead with its plan to restart the economy – albeit gradually – describing transport as the key to getting people back to work in England. There’s advice to wear face coverings, avoid rush hour and to use cars, bikes or walk as much as possible. But critics warn this could just […]

How parks have become vital for city dwellers – Channel 4 News

26 Apr 2020 We’ve been to East London’s Victoria Park to see how people are spending their daily exercise time with the necessary social distancing We’re now a month into the lockdown, with most of the country staying indoors – only venturing outside for a bit of exercise once a day, or the occasional essential […]

Coronavirus deaths in Spain exceed China – Channel 4 News

25 Mar 2020 Coronavirus has now claimed 16,000 lives across 195 countries – and the United Nations says individual countries can’t respond alone – calling for the world’s richest nations should provide $2 billion to help the world’s poorest survive. Coronavirus has now claimed 16,000 lives across 195 countries – and the United Nations says […]

What happened to one Syrian family in aftermath of airstrike? – Channel 4 News

The fighting in Syria’s Idlib province has halted for now – after last week’s ceasefire agreed by Russia and Turkey.  But just hours before that truce, at least 16 civilians were killed when a Russian airstrike hit a poultry farm near the town of Maarat Misrin. Paraic O’Brien has been to Idlib province and followed […]

Artificial intelligence helps to discover powerful new antibiotic – Channel 4 News

We’ve all heard of superbugs – nasty bacteria which can’t be wiped out by antibiotics – well a powerful new drug that can kill some of the world’s most dangerous strains of drug resistant bacteria has been discovered using artificial intelligence. Researchers on the project, based at the Massachusetts of Technology, called it “absolutely a […]