City has long known about dangerous N.D.G. intersection, document shows

Article content continued “Anything that can improve security in the sector will be considered and implemented,” Houde-Roy said. “Pedestrian security must be a priority and we won’t compromise on this.” Houde-Roy admitted, however, no significant improvements have been made up to this point because of Turcot and an agreement between the city and Transport Quebec […]

Temporary agency workers have long been a crutch for a care system in crisis, experts say. Now, they are exempt from new COVID-19 health directives

Long before the pandemic hit, “working short” was a chronic problem for personal support worker Febe Jimenez. Staff were overloaded on a good day at her Hamilton-area retirement home; a single worker’s absence could throw an already tenuous care system built on low pay and long hours into disarray. For temporary relief, she says, help […]

PEO Aviation announces Future Long Range Assault Aircraft awards – Defence Blog

Program Executive Office, Aviation announces the Project Agreement holders for the Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) Competitive Demonstration and Risk Reduction (CD&RR). The Army’s PEO Aviation, working with Army Contracting Command, Redstone recently awarded the FLRAA CD&RR project agreements under the Aviation and Missile Technology Consortium Other Transaction Authority (OTA) to Bell Textron Incorporated, […]

Actor Philip McKeon dies aged 55 following a long illness

Alice child star Philip McKeon died on 10 December aged 55 (Picture: Bobby Bank/Getty Images) Philip McKeon, who shot to fame as a child on CBS sitcom Alice, has died aged 55. Multiple reports confirmed Philip’s passing on Tuesday, with Deadline stating the actor died in Texas following a long illness. A family spokesperson shared […]

After long wait, Ontario is set to allow photo radar on Toronto streets

Photo radar should soon be catching speeding drivers across Toronto — a notable and long-awaited development in the fight against traffic carnage that has claimed the lives of 37 pedestrians so far this year. Ontario’s Transportation Ministry confirmed Friday, in response to a question about photo radar, “the province will be filing enabling regulations under […]