Liberals propose move to House of Commons voting by app as throne speech approaches

Article content continued The reduced form allowed for a daily question period, but it didn’t allow for private member’s bills, opposition days or order paper questions, all legislative tools the opposition can use to hold the government to account. In a minority government, it also crucially offered no ability for the opposition to vote no […]

US: Free speech no excuse for crimes of WikiLeaks’ Assange

LONDON — The U.S. government began outlining its extradition case against Julian Assange in a London court on Monday, arguing that the WikiLeaks founder is not a free-speech champion but an “ordinary” criminal who put many lives at risk with his secret-spilling. U.S. authorities want to try Assange on espionage charges that carry a maximum […]

Oxford college rows back on transgender discussion rules following outcry over free speech

“We and the University are committed to fostering an inclusive, diverse environment and to ensuring that all our staff and students, including LGBTQ+ members of the community, are able to thrive and realise their potential.”   The statement went on to say that the College wants to foster an “inclusive culture and a workplace” as […]

In Russia, an Updated Law With New Restrictions on Freedom of Speech

MOSCOW — For years, nonprofit organizations in Russia have contended with a law branding them as “foreign agents” if they took money from abroad, presenting fines and bureaucratic hurdles that sometimes pushed those groups to shut down. Now, individuals who publish anything online and get paid from foreign sources will face the same legal obstacles. […]